For customer support for our products please see the relevant program pages:

Windows software:

iPhone/iPad apps:

  • WordWeb iOS Dictionary support
  • Sound Problems: If the sound is off on your iPad check the toggle switch on the side (not the volume switch, the other one). On a phone make sure you have your ringer turned on and the volume turned up. Check your device's sound volume setting, e.g. under the device's main Settings, Sounds.
  • iCloud synch:You can synch your bookmarks between different devices (and the desktop Mac OS app) by turning on the option in Settings. Make sure you do that on every device that you want to synch.
  • Oxford dictionary iPhone apps: These have been discontinued, and are no longer supported or available. Please try the Chambers or WordWeb dictionaries.
  • iPad support: the WordWeb and Chambers dictionaries, and the Chambers thesaurus are universal apps - the same app works on iPhone/iPod and iPad, with an optimized interface.
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Android apps:

  • Sound problems: check volume/mute under main Settings, Volume. The Media setting should be up to hear sound from apps.
  • Sound file permission error: check you have given the app read permission to the SD card (where it stores the offline sound files).
  • Backing up/transferring bookmarks: in the app settings (available from the menu button), there is an option to save the bookmarks in a file. If you do that, you can then copy, edit or transfer the bookmarks list as you like.
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Mac OS software:

  • Lookup in other programs: see the Services sub-menu on the main menu of any program to change service settings for all programs. Service Preferences lets you enable the service (which is disabled by default), and you will then be able to look up words in most Mac programs by selecting the word you want to look up and then using the item on the Services menu. You may need to re-start your computer (or log out and in again) to see changes.
  • Sound: if you cannot hear the audio pronunciations, check you have your volume at a good level and the correct output device selected to play the sounds.
  • Help: see the Help menu for a help document with guide to dictionary content and usage
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Business enquiries:

  • Please contact Antony Lewis at Please note that we are not interested in in-app advertising, other advertising partnerships, or installer monetization or software bundling of any kind. For other business enquiries please get in touch.