WordWeb for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Help

For information about the program see the WordWeb iOS main page.

  • Dictionary content suggestions and corrections
    Please see WordWeb Online suggestions or errors pages.
  • Get WordWeb for your computer
    See the WordWeb home page for a one-click Windows dictionary, or get Mac OS X dictionaries.
  • Sound problems
    If the sound is off on your iPad check the toggle switch on the side (not the volume switch, the other one). On a phone make sure you have your ringer turned on and the volume turned up. Check your device's sound volume setting, e.g. under the device's main Settings, Sounds.
  • iCloud synch: You can synch your bookmarks between different devices (and the desktop Mac OS X app) by turning on the option in Settings. Make sure you do that on every device that you want to synch.
  • X-Ref and the audio edition
    If you have purchased the audio edition, you can uninstall the free version. Then X-ref links from the Chambers dictionary and Chambers thesaurus will then automatically open the audio edition.
  • Help email
    Contact wordweb@wordweb.info.