About us

WordWeb Software is based in Brighton, UK and run by the main developer, Antony Lewis. International versions are usually supported by native speakers based in a target country, and international sales are handled by the third-party companies DigitalRiver and PayPal. Independent App Stores handle sales for phones and tablets.

Crossword Compiler has been the world's leading crossword making software since 1993. There is a wide global user base encompassing teachers, web publishers, professional constructors and enthusiasts. The solving applet is used by many web sites all over the world, from Portuguese crosswords on web portals in Brazil, to The Times and Independent newspaper sites in the UK, to crosswords for teaching English in Korea. Crossword Compiler is used by most of the professional crossword constructors in the USA, and the file format is widely recognised for crossword submissions. Many schools, universities and training institutions recognize the advantages of the program for creating fun educational puzzles.

The WordWeb dictionary and thesaurus is widely used internationally, with over 10 million downloads of the free version and a much smaller base of users of the full Pro version. It is one of the main high-quality electronic references for international English, with the free version especially appreciated in developing countries. The mobile and tablet versions are also very popular, with millions of users of the free apps.

Environmental responsibility

WordWeb Software has very low environmental impact, with all sales being entirely electronic. There are no dedicated office premises, no flights or long-distance travel has ever been taken on WordWeb Software business, and electricity is provided entirely from renewable energy sources where possible. Our main web hosting service (pair Networks) claims to be carbon neutral. We also aim to donate at least 20% of annual profits to charitable causes via the WordWeb Trust (managed by CAF).

Mailing address

WordWeb Software
10 Southdown Avenue
Brighton BN1 6EG
VAT No: GB947693270
WordWeb is a registered trademark.

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