WordWeb Pro Dictionary and Thesaurus for Mac OS

WordWeb is a comprehensive international English thesaurus and dictionary, with definitions, synonyms and many related words. It includes pronunciations and usage examples, and has helpful spelling and sounds-like links. Wordweb does much more than a paper dictionary or thesaurus: WordWeb is truly a Word Web - each definition is linked to sets other related words. Just click on a word to explore the network of meanings.

WordWeb Pro Dictionary - WordWeb Software

Features include:

  • Up-to-date international English dictionary
  • Synonyms, similar words and many usage examples
  • 70 000 professionally-recorded audio pronunciations
  • 285 000 words, phrases and derived forms
  • 225 000 word sense definitions
  • 85 000 easy-to-understand text pronunciations
  • Includes many proper nouns, compounds and phrases
  • Fast pattern-matching search (*, ?, vowel, consonant)
  • Full Text Search
  • Bookmarks, recent and random words
  • Full coverage of American, British, Canadian, Australasian and Asian English
  • If the Oxford or Chambers Dictionaries are installed, they are detected and shown in separate tabs for easy cross-reference
  • No internet connection required
  • Use with Services to look up words in almost any program (including Word 2011, but not Word 2008).
WordWeb Pro Dictionary - WordWeb Software