WordWeb Minimal Dictionary for iPhone and iPad

Reduced edition for testing, exams and restricted safe environments

  • Version of the WordWeb English Dictionary app with no web referencing, bookmarks, syncing or audio features
  • Suitable for Texas STAAR testing and similar programs
  • Available for discounted educational volume purchase
  • Vulgar and offensive words will not show in suggestions or synonyms
  • Up-to-date international English dictionary, based on WordWeb
  • Fuzzy lookup with spelling and sounds-like suggestions
  • Synonyms, similar words and many usage examples
  • 285 000 words, phrases and derived forms
  • 225 000 word sense definitions
  • 85 000 easy-to-understand text pronunciations
  • Fast pattern-matching search (*, ?, vowel, consonant, select word types)
  • Includes many proper nouns, compounds and phrases
  • Random words
  • Full coverage of American, British, Canadian, Australasian and Asian English
  • Works fully offline and no embedded browsers, one app for iPad and iPhone