Our main focus is two high-quality Windows programs: Crossword Compiler is the market-leading software for making crosswords and other puzzles, and WordWeb is one of the most widely-used electronic dictionaries for Windows. The WordWeb database is also available as a product for developers.

Crossword Compiler
Crossword Compiler

Make your own crossword puzzles, word searches and sudoku.
Windows software available in five languages:

English | Deutsch | Espa˝ol | Franšais | Italiano

WordWeb Pro

English dictionary, thesaurus and word finder.
One-click Pro and free versions for Windows, also available for iOS, Android and Mac OS:
Windows | Mac OS X | iPhone/iPad |Android |Dictionary database

Other software

In addition to the WordWeb iPhone Dictionary, we also supply other iPhone programs: Crossword Help, for assistance with solving puzzles, and Chambers English dictionary and thesaurus.

On the desktop we provide a free offline crossword puzzle solver program for Windows, Mac and other platforms.

Our web sites

The WordWeb dictionary and thesaurus is also available as an international ad-free English online dictionary. If a word or phrase is not in the dictionary the site automatically searches external references and shows what it finds.

Online crossword puzzles, sudoku and word searches made with Crossword Compiler are hosted online at the online crossword site, and there is also a list of public crossword puzzles on other sites.